Looking Back.  Healing Forward.

Communities Organizing for Racial Equity

We are a community of coaches, trainers, and advocates with more than two decades of experience empowering and equipping churches and Christian organizations for the work of antiracism.

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Communities Organizing for Racial Equity

Who We Are

Communities Organizing for Racial Equity (formerly CORR) has been providing Christ-centered anti-racism training for organizations and churches in the West Michigan community and beyond for over 20 years.

This new website will grow over the next several months as we grow into our new name and continue to pursue our vision:

Individuals and institutions discipled through a robust theology of justice, equipped for life-long biblical antiracism and pursuing shalom together as the beloved community.

"I am deeply encouraged by the number of people who tell me that their experience at a CORE workshop has been life-changing. I believe that the message we offer at CORE delivers more hope for healing our divides than is available anywhere else."

-- Victoria Gibbs, Co-founder of CORE

What We Do

CORE offers workshops and long-term coaching options that address...



History matters. The past continues to shape our present reality and will determine our future as well, unless we do the work to learn our history and unlearn the lies it taught us about race and racialized groups.



Racism hijacks who we were created to be as individuals made in God’s image. One of our most important tasks in anti-racism is to learn to see racism’s damage and begin healing from its effects on our individual and corporate identities.



Racism is extensive, entrenched, and persistent. Without strategy and persistence on our parts, things won’t change. We want to employ all our spiritual, physical and organizational resources to produce long-term, God-honoring, anti-racist change.

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